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All Souls Day/ Day of the Dead…~Andréa Seiger

With the business of Halloween (taken from hallowed as in holy eve) behind us, we pay tribute on November 1st, as we celebrate All Souls Day and The Day of the Dead.  Many many souls are remembered due to the generous efforts and hard work of generations of staff...

Mt. Zion and Female Union Band Society Cemeteries

Here we have a lovely description from Susan Galbraith, describing her roots and the history of Mt. Zion and Female Union Band Society and how it fits into the Georgetown church and cemetery scheme of things. 

Washington DC Historical Society – DC History Conference

Mark your calendars for next year! Not to be missed. Mapping Georgetown met the most interesting, personable, informative, fun and pretty people at the DC History Conference! So many stories!

Yarrow Mamout’s Home Site —

DC Historic Preservation Office’s Archeology Team @ DC History Conference

Yarrow Mamout? The Georgetown Legend?

Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington by Clarence “Mr. Map” Shaw

Hey Mr.Maps – If this story is anything like your tours..We’d love to hear more…

At the Corner of Wisconsin and M Street…..”

“I would like to tell his family that he will be missed by more people than you would imagine. ”

Metropolitan Police Department

In Loving Memory

Officer Robert Remington

Washington DC

Tribute to Raymond Robert ‘Kelly’ Brown, …

“It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day…”