Washington DC Historical Society – DC History Conference

Mark your calendars for next year! Not to be missed. Mapping Georgetown met the most interesting, personable, informative, fun and pretty people at the DC History Conference! So many stories!

Yarrow Mamout’s Home Site — DC Historic Preservation Office’s Archeology Team @ DC History Conference

Wow, Jennifer! Do you know that the portrait of Yarrow Mamout by James Alexander Simpson that hangs in the Peabody Room is Jerry McCoy’s favorite thing! Thank you for your story! We can only imagine how interesting the project!

This is sooo exciting! Here a few links:

Yarrow Mamout Residence Site, African American Heritage Trail

Yarrow Mamout

In Georgetown, a luxurious new townhome rises from a site that once housed an archaeological dig, local celebrity

We celebrate Reserve Officer Joseph Pozell

Metropolitan Police Department

Washington, DC

There are no words for what we felt when we received this sacred tribute! We are certain that the same rings true for Chief of Staff to Police Chief Peter Newsham, Matt Bromeland, and staff while creating and submitting this story.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the special effort you put into this and Officer Remington’s stories. We can’t thank you enough!

There isn’t anyone in Georgetown, even today, who didn’t know Officer Pozell or know someone who did. He was that kind of guy!

Bill Brown with recollections of his father, Raymond Robert ‘Kelly’ Brown, a heartfelt tribute

Thank you Bill, for this priceless gift! Thank you for the time and energy that you put into it for all to savor. We can feel your and your father’s sentiments in these stories.

The gentleman mentioned in part 2 took me right to the Tallahatchie Bridge. “It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day…”