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Washington DC Historical Society – DC History Conference

Mark your calendars for next year! Not to be missed. Mapping Georgetown met the most interesting, personable, informative, fun and pretty people at the DC History Conference! So many stories!

Wild Women of Georgetown? YES!

Check out Wild Women of Georgetown here and while you are at it, check out Tour of Her Own here.

Mark Wenner – Where Are You?

Many Georgetown Stories can be gleaned from Mark Wenner of Kensington, MD who founded the Nighthawks blues band in the 1970’s. The band frequently played The Bayou and The Cellar Door in Georgetown.

Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington by Clarence “Mr. Map” Shaw

Hey Mr.Maps – If this story is anything like your tours..We’d love to hear more…

Begin at the Beginning…

Great Characters, Setting, Plot, Not without some Conflict and …a Perfect Ending!

Favorite Things Georgetown–Kitten Café

Favorite Things list would not be complete without…