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Georgetowner to Georgetowner by The Georgetowner!

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. ~Mason Cooley

“Georgetown has long been home to many public figures. But for all their fame, or notoriety, they all have something in common: Georgetown is home, the place where they brush their teeth and exist as regular people.” Madeleine Albright
Story at MappingGeorgetown
Live Chat at Politics and Prose.
Story from The Georgetowner
Elizabeth Butler @mzlizbutler
Andrea Seiger @urbansafaridc111
Andrea Seiger @urbansafaridc111
Andrea Seiger @urbansafaridc111
Margaret Butler @margaretbutler09
Patricia Cameron story for MappingGeorgetown
Peabody Room at Mapping Georgetown
Adele Dodson story and family photos for MappingGeorgetown
Kaitlin Calogera @atourofherown
Georgetowner Kitty Kelley
DC History Conference
Historical Association of Washington DC

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