Oh Those Dodson Girls!

Taking ourselves back to the Connecticut Pie Bakery at Wisconsin Ave and Q Street…in our mind’s eye…….

Thank goodness for Adele Dodson! She has gathered the troops..family and friends who have crafted a picture of growing up in Georgetown in the 50’s!

We can’t thank you and yours enough for the time and energy that went into these extraordinary accounts!

Margaret talks about the Phillips School.

“The Phillips school was built in 1890 to serve east Georgetown’s large African-American population. It was named after the abolitionist Wendell Phillips. ” Read all about it here in the Georgetown Metropolitan. Thank you to Topher Mathews for this trip through time!

So much fun for soo many years….Rose Park Playground!

Jo Anne attended Jackson School…

“Sometimes it seems that there are few children living in Georgetown. While GM has tried to rebut that perception with statistics, it is undeniable that before the late 20th century, there were many more children in Georgetown. What is more proof of that than the presence in Georgetown of no fewer than nine historic school buildings?” Topher Mathews did such a nice job digging into the history of Georgetown Schools.

I love how Jo Anne mentions that ‘tennis is her life’.

“I remember Mildred Taylor, the loving director of Rose Park playground, and her assistant, Joe Fair….

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