A Georgetown Public Library story just for you Jerry McCoy!

This story has vibrations! Thank you, thank you, thank you Melinda!

My daughter Elizabeth and I were ecstatic with our happen chance run in with Melinda. I suggested she not miss the McCoy/Peabody Room up on the 3rd floor and be sure to introduce herself to Jerry McCoy. Receiving this story in the mail was such a treat, especially because I did not know that Jerry had given Melinda a map template. Another lesson in everyone has a story!

Georgetown Wine and Spirits


What’s a neighborhood without the proverbial beverage store? They are being modest when they mention a ‘possible’ good laugh. Georgetown Wine and Spirits is right out of Seinfeld! Everyone in the neighborhood is seen coming or going, some more than others. You’re the icing on the cake for my friends and family!

Thank you for your story and your hospitality!

Georgetown Wine and Spirits stocks garlic stuffed olives for my evening martini. When my husband Denny walked over to replenish our supply, pre cocktail time, one evening, he was told that a local blond woman buys them out! Uh ohhh, loose lips sink ships!